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Sukawati Gifts Market Main Building
Sukawati Gifts Market

Sukawati Gifts Market just renovated the building recently and ready to open in the beginning 2021. It is the place sells art items that would make a great Balinese souvenirs of Bali to a friends or your relatives. The art works that sold in Sukawati are very unique and interesting and the price are cheaper. The kinds of souvenirs is like beaded sandals, shorts and Balinese, clothing, batik, bags, paintings, wood carving, bed covers, household appliances up trinkets and jewelry.

Sukawati Gifts Market open around the 1980s, this market in Bali grew more crowded and its name began to be known outside for domestic tourist, because around that year the market in Sukawati began to be used as a place to sell various handicraft products that are characteristic of the island of Bali by the traders.

At present, Sukawati Gifts Market has transformed into a very well-known Art Market in Bali, including being the largest and most comprehensive art market on the island of Bali. The popularity of the market in Bali has become a favorite shopping destination for tourists, hunting for various handicrafts, arts and souvenirs in Bali.

Sukawati Gifts Market Handy Crafts Stall
Handy Crafts Stall

The attraction of shopping at Sukawati Gifts Market, Gianyar, is a market in Bali which is very famous for selling a variety of clothes and various traditional Balinese handicrafts. One type of traditional clothing that is widely sold and bought by many tourists, especially foreign tourists, is clothing such as batik with Balinese patterns and ornaments.

Not only Balinese batik, at the market you can also get various types of clothing products ranging from bottoms such as pants to tops such as beach shirts or shirts. Many tourists, especially domestic tourists who deliberately come to this market to buy beach pants and clothes.

Sukawati Gifts Market North Building
North Building

Open hours at 8am in the morning until 6pm. Unless Galungan (biggest Bali Hindu Celebration) and Nyepi day (silent day), Sukawati Gifts Market open every day and usually crowded on Sundays or public holidays. If yo have Bali Holidays, do not forget to visit this market. Recommended by driver and tour guides in Bali.

Bali Painting
Bali Painting

There are a lot of goods sold by traders in the market. These items range from clothing such as shirts and pants for both children and adults, various crafts such as bags, sandals to accessories and others. But the most interesting thing about the market is that apart from selling Balinese ornate batik, there are also many shops selling paintings by Balinese artists. Many traveler’s can buy a variety of hand-painted works from various styles of painting by Balinese artists such as naturalist and abstract paintings.

As for the price of paintings at this market offered by traders at the Sukawati Gifts Market, the price of a painting is usually determined by the type and size of the painting. For those who have the expertise to offer, here do not be afraid to bargain, the seller would not be mad if we offered a low price. A pair of beaded slippers good bargain if we can we buy for ten thousand dollars. Even in the bargaining are advised to bid for a third of the price.

Sukawati Gifts Market Clothes Stall
Clothes Stall
5 Tips for shopping at Sukawati Gifts Market
1. If you like shopping, preferably in the morning. Because in the morning at around 8am-10am, the seller had just finished prayers. Well according to their beliefs, if successful selling in the morning, it will bring luck for the seller along the day.
2. When you feel less satisfied with the price being negotiated, do not be afraid to leave the seller. As long as prices are still generate profits for the seller, you will be called back.
3. If you expect to get a cheap price of goods, then don't hesitate to go around to ask the price from one store to another.Now, this method has proven to be the most effective and has become a favorite way for many tourists before buying goods by comparing prices from one merchant to another.
4. The way to bid for goods at the Sukawati Bali market to get cheaper items is by showing a friendly attitude to them,Creating a friendly relationship atmosphere by being friendly to traders in the market is certainly a common way that can help us to get discounts.
5. Shopping in large quantities will usually get a much cheaper price you will get, so make sure from the start make a list of what souvenirs you want to buy and how much you want to buy.
Sukawati Gifts Market Painting Stall
Painting Stall

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Bali Wood Carving
Bali Wood Carving

Sukawati Art market located at Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province – Indonesia.

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Sukawati Gifts Market