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Bali Salt Farm

Bali salt farm, the process of making salt at Kusamba Village is not as easy as we think to imagine, just dry the seawater and become salt. Farmers must work hard from morning to evening. The results they get also not much. In hot sun conditions, per day only get 8 -10 kg of salt. The salt content of the water Kusamba sea is not too high which makes the process of making salt is not easy and simple. This job requires not only high patience but also work hard and takes a lot of energy. Below are some steps for the farmers to process traditionally make salt.

Usually, Bali salt farmers at Kusamba Village will prepare the sand field one day before or early morning before they start watering. The sand, in the beginning, was taken from the beach and after that, they always reuse the sand after they are filtered by seawater.

Bali Sand Field

The salt farmers will start work early morning as they can around 6 am before the sun gets hotter. They will water the sand field that has been leveled. They don’t use a hose or a machine for watering but Bali salt mining Farming in Kusamba Village uses simple tools that they made from wood and old tires and made like a bucket to take seawater. While walking and carrying this seawater then the farmer shakes his homemade bucket back and forth until it splashed into the sand field. The average distance from the beach to the sand field they made is 15-20 meters. Need around 25-35 times take water to be able to flush all the sand. The sand that has been watered will wait until it’s dried and produces flat sand. Usually arrive mid-afternoon in the scorching sun.

Watering Sand Field

While waiting for the sand to dry, the farmer will empty the wooden sandbox by draining the wet sand inside the box used yesterday. This wet sand is clean so it must be placed in a good place to flatten and reuse the next day. The sand flakes obtained are then taken and placed into the empty wooden sandbox.

Salt Farm Field

Dry sand which is placed in the wooden sandbox can be used as a seawater filter. In this case, farmers still have to take seawater back until the wooden sandbox is filled with seawater. The wooden sandbox will be given a hole that is given a small pipe below to drain the filtered seawater. The filter results will be Salt Farmers Collect the dry sand that is been doused with Seawater Using Enumeration Dry Flat Sand that has been collected. The results of the first filter cannot be used as salt. However, it must be filtered back to 3 stages with use sandblasting, become the water very salty.

Bali Salt Processing

The sea water that has undergone 3 times of this filtering will later dried to take the crystals in the form of salt. The sea water poured into a block of coconut wood that has been made a shallow manger. The process of crystallizing seawater into salt is the fastest taken for one hour days when the sun is really hot. When the sun is not too much hot, then this process can take 2-3 days. After the sea water crystallizes into salt, the Bali salt mining farmers are ready to reap the fruits of his labor.

Bali Crystals Salt

The harvesting process is also still using tools simple. Farmers use coconut shells that are split and use them to scoop out the salt crystals. For Draining salt from the brine, the farmer lays down the salt of his harvest in a place made of woven bamboo. After Salt Crystal no more drops of water, then the salt is ready to be marketed.

Bali Salt Farming

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Bali Salt Farm